Champagne, Every Day:

It's a Magical Life

23 April 1964
This journal is now friends-only. If you've been reading and want to see how it all turns out, drop me a line! If you're new around here, well...before you friend me, here's what you'd be getting.

I teach at a University and I walk on the beach and I work on my fixer upper house. I think and I write, and I'm more comfortable on email than on the phone. In my house live three cats, one gorgeous man, and little old me.

In general, life is good. So I drink a lot of champagne. I like to think I follow in the footsteps of the French when it comes to the bubble--I drink superb champagne when it is called for (and often when it's not) but the normal for me, the daily sipper as it were, is supermarket quality. (Although I have to say that my supermarket carries rather upscale champagnes, and Freixenet is not one of them. White Star, Moet, Dom...these are nice. )

What's in my LJ? Rantings about my days; notes from the beach walks; reflections about my students, my teaching, my husband, and my reading; the big House Project, the ongoing saga of homeownership; the trials of ballroom dance; and the occasional mushy post, complete with photos of my love.

I'm pretty boring. Once in a while I have a good rant on, though.